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OBC – House

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About this course:

This building code course helps you review and develop your understanding of the parts of the Ontario Building Code dealing with houses. Based on theĀ House Syllabus, the curriculum focuses on Division B, Part 9, of the Code as well as Supplementary Standards SB-1, SB-3, SB-7, and SB-12.

In this course, we will follow the construction procedure to build a house and demonstrate how to implement the OBC requirements in to the design. It is intended to help the participant understand the requirements of the OBC that apply to all Houses as defined in the OBC as a detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse or row house.

While this course will emphasize the Ministry of Municipal Affairs exam syllabi for Houses, participants must have a basic understanding of the OBC and requirements contained therein in order to be successful when taking exams.

The areas covered in this course are:
– Basics of Structural Design Requirements,
– Stairs, ramps, handrails and guards
– Spatial Fire Protection
– Sound Control
– Excavation
– footing and foundation wall construction
– Damp proofing, waterproofing and Soil Gas control
– Drainage
– Footings and foundations
– Attic and Roof Spaces
– ICF Walls
– Wood Frame Construction
– Heat transfer, air leakage and condensation control
– Energy efficiency for part 9 residential

Course length: 30-40 hours

Course Duration: 24 weeks

Course includes:

  • Free Ontario Building Code (electronic format)
  • Complete course handouts
  • Monthly Q & A meetingsĀ 




  • Code Books
  • 1-Introduction and Occupancy Classification
  • 2-Foundation
  • 3 Walls above ground
  • 4 Floors and Roofs
  • 5 Building Envelope
  • 6 Energy Efficiency
  • 7 Health Requirements for Houses
  • 8 Spatial Fire Separation
  • 9 SB-2, SB-3 and SB-7
  • 10 Final


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